In accordance with the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) Fastway Couriers Ireland and its employees and franchisees abide by, and adhere to, the procedures outlined in this document as a Registered Postal Provider under section 38 of the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act (2011), relating to the obligations imposed on such providers by Section 43 of the 2011 Act.

The purpose of this document is to offer guidance to those employed or franchised by Fastway Couriers Ireland in relation to the standards advised by the Commission for Communications Regulation, specifically satisfying the requirement outlines in Section 43(1) of the 2011 Act requiring that”[every] postal provider shall draw up and implement a code of practice setting out procedures, standards and policies with respect of the handling of complaints from postal service users, in particular, complaints relating to loss, theft, damage or quality of service, and such as code of practice shall make provision for the following matters; First Point of contact for complainants; Means of recording complaints; Time frame for responding to complaints; Resolving disputes; Remedies, Redress, Reimbursement and Compensation; Establishing responsibility in the event of multiple service providers; Retention of records; and any other Additional information that the Commission considers necessary and appropriate to secure effective protection for postal service users”.

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