To provide our customers with real-time information on the location of their parcels and key performance measures surrounding their deliveries, Fastway is proud to be able to offer a number of leading edge technology platforms.



Real-time online parcel Track & trace

Using hand held scanners; our courier franchisees scan each parcel at key interval points throughout it's journey at pick-up, during transfer and at it's final destination. This data is then relayed to our website where our customers can access information on the status of their parcel or view delivery address details and a signature proof of delivery in a matter of minutes.


Multiple parcel tracking

For customers who send significant parcel volumes, we offer a web based tool that facilitates the ongoing tracking of a number of parcels – a system that's automatically updated as new information is received from our Courier Franchisee’s hand-held scanners. Through this system, our customers can log on to their own personalised Fastway site to view the latest status of all parcels they have sent.


Fast Label automatic label printing

To facilitate and improve the despatch of freight we offer a custom web-based label printing solution, called Fast Label. This application not only has the ability to print delivery address labels but also automatically calculates the appropriate prepaid label required to send the parcel to its destination.

This application can be interfaced directly into our customers pick and pack / accounting systems, significantly reducing despatch labour requirements. Additionally the system provides a variety of reports which assist our customers to monitor their freight costs.


Application Programming Interface (API)

For customers who wish to integrate a freight calculator into their website, Fastway has an Application Programming Interface (API). The API can return key information including the cost and delivery timeframe, ultimately allowing customers to provide accurate shipping information to their customers no matter their location. To request access to API please fill out this form.


Key performance indicator delivery measures

Fastway has the capability to provide data, either formatted or raw, which analyses the delivery status and time for delivery on all parcels consigned via Fastway.

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