Save time & money with Fast Label

Fast Label is Fastway Courier's online label printing system that can print your delivery address labels, ensuring all shipping labels look professional and match your company address database. What's more, it automatically calculates the correct prepaid label for each destination, saving you time and effort.


How can Fast Label benefit your business?

Greater efficiency

  • Computerised label printing - label information is imported from your database and printed via the web, saving you time and money. Plus all parcel labels are clean and professional, and the information is accurate and consistent with your database.

  • Local support - so you can be sure we'll answer and resolve all your queries quickly and easily.

Improved accuracy

  • Uses your existing customer database - making it quick and easy for you to search for customers and process orders, with accurate delivery details.

  • Barcoded labels - linking directly to our Price Service Calculator, labels are barcoded for areas we service for accuracy and 100% transparency. Track & trace is done with a click of a button, and important items can be put on a watch-list for close monitoring.

  • Automatic upload to courier scanners - 2D barcoding for better traceability and fewer errors or delivery delays.

  • Automatic manifest printing - ensures shorter despatch time and greater accuracy, showing full details of the receiver, number of packages and barcode.

  • Accountability – puts you in control of your courier costs with real time reporting to monitor your courier usage plus customer analysis.

Enhanced customer service

  • System database includes email addresses - allows automatic emails to your customers with parcel Track & trace details, resulting in fewer calls by your staff.

  • Seamless link to Fastway Proof of Delivery and Track & trace systems - instant information and quick answers to customer queries.

  • Develop your own 'watch list' - monitor delivery progress of priority parcels to ensure they're delivered on schedule.

  • Additional label information - special delivery instructions and your contact details printed on the label, to prevent delays.

System technical requirements

Once you're equipped with a Sato CG412 printer and labels, available from Fastway Couriers, the system works to the following minimum software requirements:

  • Windows computer running Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 with 1GHz or higher processor and at least 2GB of memory with USB port for the printer.

  • Broadband internet connection.

  • Active X installed in Windows Internet Explorer.

Save time and money with Fast Label

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